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24-5 CLUB

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Throughout the first decade of our existence, it has been our goal to make music that has the power to not only entertain, but also to revolutionize A Cappella. Our albums & music videos have been viewed and listened to by millions of fans, but we want to take another monumental step as we move forward. It is with great pride that we introduce “The 24-5 Club.” The existence of this club will act as a pillar in the foundation of the future of Exit 245. With a minimum contribution of $24.50, you could change the course of Exit 245 history for the better. Whether you are an alum of Exit 245, a relative, a fellow JMU Duke, or a fan, we really appreciate your support. The donations from “The 24-5 Club” will allow us to continue making music and grant us the ability to travel all across the United States, possibly to a city near YOU.  Just click on the drop-down menu below and you can begin the process of becoming a club member. Thank you for your support and we hope you consider making the transition from being a fan of Exit 245 to becoming part of our family.

Exit love. 

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