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Exit's most recent release! An EP featuring 3 songs in 3 different styles of music!


Mint Condition was the first Album released by Exit245 since the start of the Pandemic. The album featured the most soloists as well as different styles of music.




The first song that Exit recorded since the start of the Pandemic in 2019.

903 (2019)

Exit 245 knocks it out of the park with its latest album, 903. These guys are just on throughout: every singer sounds engaged, every arrangement moves, and the album spits out memorable performance after memorable performance.

Catherine Lewis, RARB
(5 Star Rating)


"Close your eyes and remember an a cappella concert where the whole audience connected with a song — it was upbeat, it was powerful, the lyrics were awesome, the drumming was tight and legit, the arrangement kept unfolding to add sizzle and punch, and the smokin' soloist evoked whoops and hollers when he flipped up in his register to drive it home."

Kimberly Raschka Sailor, RARB

FEAR (2016)

"This is fantastic. Made my week. Such a beautiful arrangement!"

Ben Rector

The Way Out (2015)

"The group's last non-holiday album, Boyfriend Material, is actually one of my favorite albums over the last few years across all of collegiate a cappella. So, I had very high expectations coming into The Way Out, and Exit 245 delivered."

Adam Andrews, RARB

XMAS (2013)

"Maybe you won't ask for much this Christmas. Maybe you won't even wish for snow. But asking Santa for Exit 245's XMAS is a solid request: it's sparkly, it's fun, it's earnest, and it's not annoying in the least (a Christmas miracle)." 

Kimberly Raschka Sailor, RARB

Boyfriend Material (2012)

In 2012 Exit released their award winning album "Boyfriend Material."  The album gained critical acclaim when it was awarded Best Male Collegiate A Cappella Album at the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.  It's lead track, Titanium, has amassed over 1 million views on Youtube while Cinema was on compilations such as BOCA and Voices Only.

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